You deserve a credit bureau in your image and we offer to support you in restoring your credit score.

Knowing all the emotional side that is attached to a low credit rating which is often caused by late payments, a proposal to creditors, bankruptcy, divorce, illness, etc., we are attentive and respectful of your needs while having the solutions to restore your credit rating.

Being refused by a financial institution brings a lot of questioning and questioning. At RefairemonCréditRapide.ca, we have all the answers!

1. Take a minute to complete the form. The whole process is confidential.

2. A certified credit officer will contact you shortly.

3. A summary evaluation will be proposed to you in order to properly meet all your needs.

At RefairemonCréditRapide.ca, your financial difficulties do not define you!

Our team of professionals will have the mandate to find the inconsistencies that could have slipped into your credit bureau and to rectify them.

We will verify all information and background with financial institutions and merchants. Subsequently, after an in-depth analysis, we will correct the errors with the credit bureaus in order to improve your credit score.

With RefairemonCréditRapide.ca, we have your back covered! A simple inconsistency in your credit bureau can have a major impact on your credit rating. It is important to remedy this so that you are no longer refused by your banking institutions when applying for financing and that you can benefit from advantageous interest percentages. Once the fixes have been made, it will be easier to land a legitimate, great rate loan.

Our credit repair experts will give you the most comprehensive service on the market by reviewing your credit score and by correcting possible errors while offering you financing that will meet your needs.

At RefairemonCréditRapide.ca, your financial difficulties do not define you!

To get off to a good start, it's best to start by reviewing your credit score. Do you believe that your credit bureau fairly represents your current situation? Often the answer is no. Nearly 80% of Canadians have credit reports with errors that can limit their ability to borrow.

So if typos have crept into your credit bureau, you might be dismayed to find that you can't take out a loan for your next car or your dream home! Our group of experts will know how to restore your credit in order to rectify the situation with credit institutions such as Equifax and TransUnion.

With Rebuild Your Credit Fast, it has never been easier!

RefairemonCréditRapide.ca accompanies you when you are the victim of a crime that has damaged your credit file. With your consent, our credit repair specialists will contact the relevant authorities such as TransUnion and Equifax and add a potential fraud alert to credit agencies for you.

After such a stressful situation as a identity theft, tax fraud or other, our specialists will take the time to listen to you and give you appropriate advice so that this situation does not happen again. Our recommendations will be simple and easy to apply in order to make your life easier against the risk of potential crime. Trust us, you will have all the support and support you need.

Are you wondering what kind of errors could have crept into your credit bureau? Sometimes it's quite simple, but these small anomalies can have a significant impact on your credit score.

・Your personal information has not been updated
・A lack of updates on your accounts which can lead to false delays
・Relevant information that has not been added to your credit file
・Identity theft or tax evasion

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The services that are offered:

✓ Credit bureau assessment

✓ Complete correction of your file

✓ Custom correction

✓Free professional assessment


About Our Team

Yannick Simard General Director

Yannick Simard has over 25 years of experience in specialized credit. Having also been an account manager for Trans-Union of Canada for more than ten years and a member of the Canadian Credit Institute.

Vicky Maltais Director, Credit Correction

Vicky Maltese has several years of experience in the field of credit and financing, having worked in accounting, as a sales manager and in credit recovery. She has training in correction of consumer credit files certified by the AMF.